The Journey of Employment Development [INFOGRAPHIC]

Embarking on a successful career is akin to embarking on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth. Just like climbing a ladder, each step towards career excellence takes effort, determination, and guidance. The stages of employment development, ranging from “The Enthusiastic Beginner” to “The Self-Reliant Achiever,” represent an enlightening framework that illuminates the progression of individuals as they evolve in their careers.

Derived from the esteemed “Performance Management” class led by the dynamic instructor, Laura Shreaves, at GSBLSU, these stages of employment development offer profound insights into the milestones every professional traverses on their path to success and help managers better understand how they can better help both their employees and their organizations succeed.

In this infographic, we showcase the transformative journey through these stages of employment development, illustrating the evolution from eager beginners to empowered achievers.