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2022 Session: May 23 – June 3

72 Years

Banking Education Experience


Successful Graduates

52 Faculty Members

working for you

180 hrs

of Classroom Instruction

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  • FACULTY – Leading Bankers Teaching Bankers
  • CURRICULUM – Real and Applicable Topics
  • ACTIVE LEARNING – Bank Simulation


  • Gain deeper KNOWLEDGE and understanding of major banking functions
  • OPPORTUNITY for advancement to helps further your career in banking
  • NETWORK of contacts with relationships that last a lifetime


Leading Bankers,
Educators and
Consultants teaching
future innovators.


A real and applicable
educational experience with
active learning through
bank simulation


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“The Graduate School of Banking at LSU provided an invaluable opportunity to expand my knowledge of bank management.  More importantly, it gave me a much broader prospective of the banking industry.  The ability to attend classes, share meals, and enjoy social functions with bankers with vastly different backgrounds from all over the United States and Mexico, gave me a perspective I could never experience anywhere else. It was truly humbling and motivating to learn from top tier instructors and from my proven, successful classmates within the industry.  My time at LSU was priceless and it was an opportunity that I will always be grateful for. ”

 Jonathan Kruckow
Jonathan KruckowVirginia State President, Skyline National Bank, Class of 2019

The Graduate School of Banking at LSU really prepares oneself for the everchanging financial world. The wide variety of class topics, along with the flexible electives, and popular bank simulation gives a great overall understanding that can be tailored to any bank setting throughout our country.

Doug Haehl
Doug HaehlExecutive VP, Citizens Bank of Lafayette
Advisory Council, Class of 2018

The school stressed knowledge, competence, relationships, community involvement, and humble leadership. The remaining two years further solidified my relationships with professors and students, continued to deepen my theoretical and practical knowledge of banking, and culminated in applying all we learned in a two-week bank simulation.

Don Hillbish
Don HillbishVice President, C&F Bank
President, Class of 2018

I believe graduating from GSBLSU is a vital component in progressing through my banking career.  This is where I want to be.  The caliber, prestige and expectations of the program are something I am proud to embrace and be a part of.

Ashley Yancey
Ashley YanceyVP, Bank of North Carolina
President, Class of 2017

The school has far surpassed what I thought it was going to give me.  Lasting relationships. The incredible network of bankers and vendors to bankers. If you have any questions, your network is like having a banking rolodex that you couldn’t compile in 100 years.

Casey Christopher
Casey ChristopherFirst Vice President, CenterState Bank
Advisory Council, Class of 2015

The Graduate School of Banking at LSU taught me so many lessons that I could apply to my day-to-day life immediately.  I truly appreciate this school for the instruction and direction, and I truly appreciate my bank for investing in my future.

John Naughton
John NaughtonVP, Commercial Lender, First Community Bank, Class of 2017

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