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How to Acquire and Retain Top Banking Professionals

Effective leadership in any bank must constantly handle numerous initiatives, one of which includes acquisition and retention of top talent.  Making sure that the right employee with the right skill set is in the right position at the right time can be a tricky managerial task but a necessary one for future security and organizational structure stability.

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How Banks Can Retain Top Junior Bankers

It’s no secret that banks are constantly scoping out the landscape of promising talent in the banking world.  For many institutions, the bulk of investment in development of junior bankers comes in the way of time, training, and identifying future professional paths.  However, junior bankers are also one of the most highly recruited individuals in the banking world because loyalties might not yet be developed and compensation packages aren’t quite exorbitant yet, making them prime targets for outside banks to entice away.

So, what’s a bank to do when it comes to recruiting the right people and retaining existing up-and-comers? Banks looking to acquire and retain top talent need to create strategies, some of which are:

  • Ensure the right individuals are hired
  • Respect and trust employees
  • Allow employees the authority and responsibility to get their jobs done as autonomously as possible
  • Create a positive environment that fosters loyalty and positive morale
  • Give recognition for achievement and feedback on performance opportunities

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