For many of the faculty and students, their testimonials speak to blossoming professional and personal relationships with other bankers across the US and Mexico, to the power of laser-focused banking education, and to the implementation of learned methodologies once back at their home banks.

Don Hillbish

Loan Review Officer, Atlantic Union Bank
President, Class of 2018

“The first week of my first year at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU confirmed I had made an excellent choice to attend. I had wrestled with several options upon graduating from my state banking school. That first week, I made so many wonderful relationships across the country with other bankers, received immediately applicable of knowledge from our instructors who are practitioners as well as professors, and was immersed in the school’s culture of activism. The school stressed knowledge, competence, relationships, community involvement, and humble leadership. The remaining two years further solidified my relationships with professors and students, continued to deepen my theoretical and practical knowledge of banking, and culminated in applying all we learned in a two-week bank simulation. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The knowledge, experience, and relationships I gained will last my lifetime.”

Doug Haehl

Vice President & Marketing Coordinator, Citizens Bank of Lafayette
Advisory Council, Class of 2018

“The Graduate School of Banking at LSU really prepares oneself for the everchanging financial world. The wide variety of class topics, along with the flexible electives, and popular bank simulation gives a great overall understanding that can be tailored to any bank setting throughout our country.

A degree from GSBLSU also accompanies with it a prestige that others in our industry welcome and acknowledge. The friendships I have made during the last three years will last me a lifetime. My time on campus has truly been and always will be a cherished chapter of my life and career.”

Ashley Yancey

Vice President, Team Leader, Southern First Bank
President, Class of 2017

“I appreciate that there are a wide variety of topics that students are exposed to at GSBLSU.  The curriculum offers access to different parts of the bank that you don’t usually have access to in your everyday responsibilities.

I believe graduating from GSBLSU is a vital component in progressing through my banking career.  This is where I want to be.  The caliber, prestige and expectations of the program are something I am proud to embrace and be a part of.”

Greg Gonzales

Tennessee Commissioner
of Financial Institutions

“The Graduate School of Banking at LSU has become a mainstay of training for examiners at the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions. For years, we have looked to GSB to help take and keep our exam program at a high level. Tennessee bankers have the same appreciation for the value they receive from GSB. The collaboration that our staff and bankers enjoy annually by learning and working together furthers the Department’s goal of creating a great relationship with the Tennessee banking industry that allows for a positive regulatory environment. I am also excited that long time friend John Jordan is the new Executive Director of the school. Under John’s leadership I know that GSB will continue to provide superior value. ”

Casey Christopher

Chief Empowerment Officer, Quontic Bank
Advisory Council, Class of 2015

“The Bank Simulation is just as much about a bank simulation as it is a lesson in group dynamics. I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see that aspect of the simulation.

The school has far surpassed what I thought it was going to give me.  Lasting relationships. The incredible network of bankers and vendors to bankers. If you have any questions, your network is like having a banking rolodex that you couldn’t compile in 100 years.

You are exposed to so many different areas of the bank at school that you may have thought you knew how those areas worked until you get into the class.”

José Julián Sánchez Serrano

Subdirector de Promocion

“I must confess that I’m really sad because this year will be the last that I’ll be visiting the Graduate School of Banking at LSU.  The time went so fast… I’m proud to have been selected by my Banorte to attend the course.  It meant a lot to myself and I’ll always have in my heart all of you.  Thank you for your help and support.”