For more than 70 years, the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University has prepared over 17,000 banking-industry professionals for the next step in their careers by offering a comprehensive and rigorous course of banker-generalist instruction. Because GSBLSU offers a broad spectrum of bank-management education, our graduates leave their three-year educational and social experiences much more prepared to answer their banks’ calls when a need arises.

However, and for far too long, the banking industry has lacked a “banker-generalist” professional certification that serves to set its designees apart from and above crowd. Now, the Graduate School of Banking at LSU has developed just that – a professional certification that allows its alumni to confidently state, “I am ready for any task my bank assigns me.”

“I am ready for any task my bank assigns me.”

The Chartered Banking Professional (ChBP) certification (offered exclusively by GSBLSU) provides its professional certification holders the ability to continually further their educations and remain knowledgeable of that broad spectrum of bank-management information that they learned while in school. At the same time, it allows others to immediately recognize their accomplishments and abilities via the prominent placement of the initials “ChBP” following their names.

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