Every year, the seniors of GSBLSU take part in the Bank Management Simulation course, a computer-based program that is specifically designed to provide students with a look into management and the decision-making process in specific banking areas, such as investments, funds management, risk management, loans, and asset/liability management.

BMSim is an intensive computer-based educational experience, which serves as the capstone course of our school during students’ final year of instruction.  The class is divided into management teams in six communities to operate simulated banks, and those teams concern themselves with the results of their individual banks, while competing with other banks within their communities.  All teams begin with the same, base-line financial situation – a hypothetical bank with a variety of management and financial challenges – and, during the two-year simulated period, make a wide range of “quarterly” decisions involving all aspects of bank management and operations.  Through computerized analysis, the teams are able to immediately observe the results of their decisions.

The apex of the competition is a verbal presentation to a panel of judges (acting as shareholders and comprised of active or retired actual bank CEOs and examiners) who evaluate the quality of the performance of all teams and select one winner from each community.  Criteria for selection consists of team organization, consistency of performance, bank earnings, the team’s ability to report results to shareholders, and the position of the simulated bank for the future.

The winners in each simulation are recognized, along with their home bank’s President and CEO with a letter and certificate of recognition honoring their outstanding work during the Bank Management Simulation.  We are pleased to share the team winners that were announced at graduation on May 31, 2024

A3 Holt Barnett FirstSouthern Bank
A3 Jamel Dagher Paragon Bank
A3 Tammy Gilmer Comeaux Hancock Whitney Bank
A3 Kevin McCartney Community Bank of MS
A3 Kaylee Rainwater Arvest Bank
A3 Will Ray Citizens First Bank
B4 Trey Geisenhoffer Wilson Bank & Trust
B4 Trapper Griffith TC Federal Bank
B4 Jordan Hawkins United Southern Bank
B4 Jacob Holloway CLB The Community Bank
B4 Will Pyle Hancock Whitney Bank
B4 Michael Reynolds Trustmark National Bank
C3 Stephen Dawkins Delta Bank
C3 Alisse Fowler TN Dept. of Financial Instit.
C3 Nita Kuhner Hancock Whitney Bank
C3 Landon Reneau CoBank Farm Credit Leasing
C3 Cade Smith Solutions Plus Bank (Proposed)
C3 Gayle Woolard AB&T
D5 James Craig MS Dept of Banking & Consumer Fin
D5 Houston Fortenberry Delta Bank
D5 Zac Frye Citizens Bank of Swainsboro
D5 Anne Osborne Bank Independent
D5 April Rosa Arvest Bank
D5 Robert Swing Truist
E3 Wills Brocato United Community
E3 William Edgar Southern Bank
E3 Casey Hill Merchants & Marine Bank
E3 Kavien Hillmon Southstate Bank
E3 Austin Klanjac Cadence Bank
E3 Jarrod Orr River City Bank