Why Attend Graduate School of Banking

Investing in the Future Is Just the First Step

In life, there are so many compelling reasons for individuals to invest in their future. Building a brighter future should be the only inspiration one needs to invest in themselves. However, we find there are so many different reasons for executives in the banking industry to invest in themselves and their future. 

We have created a informational center for anyone that is considering applying for the next session at GSBLSU. This page is a collection of relevant blogs, articles, brochures, and videos explaining in detail all of the benefits of attending the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. 

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Graduate School of Banking Videos

Graduate School of Banking Student Testimonials

The education and experience of the Graduate School of Banking student body varies considerably. Students have a full class schedule during their three two-week sessions on campus. Classes are in session seven hours daily and to graduate requires attendance of 220 hours of class.

With the 2014 graduating class of 187 students, the total number of bankers having successfully completed the curriculum at GSBLSU comes to a whopping 15,277!  The class of 2014 started with 187 students and (with some out-migration and in-migration of students) finished with 187 students as well! Each graduate has completed a rigorous 10 bank studies over the 3 year course at GSB and spent approximately 70 hours a year in classes, totaling 210 hours of intense banking lectures.



Graduate School of Banking Faculty Testimonials

The 2015 faculty of the Graduate School of Banking consists of experienced bankers, academicians, regulatory officials, attorneys and others who have expert knowledge of their subject areas and who have the ability to teach other professionals. Approximately fifty-five faculty teach at the School, and some have been associated with the program for many years. Faculty and courses are critically evaluated to assure that banker-students receive the best possible professional education.



 2013 Overview Video 

Over 15,000 executives have successfully completed the program which is held each spring on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge. The School’s purpose is to fill the need for graduate level study by bank officers and others meeting admission requirements leading toward a broader knowledge and understanding of major banking functions.

Completion of the program has become a requisite to professional advancement in many banks. Executives at multi-billion dollar financial institutions as well as community banks find that the School’s curriculum addresses their educational needs.



 2013 Mexican Student Video (English)

For our new and growing cohort of students from Mexico, we have found that our Hispanic prospects have the same questions as our American attendees with the addition of many logistics and practical questions.

We know that it would be ideal for future Mexican GSBLSU students to have access to alumni and current students to ask them questions and get a feel for the school, the curriculum, and the environment.  We know it would be cumbersome to attempt to connect so many people, so we came up with the next best solution!  We combed through the 40+ students from Mexico to find a nice sampling that were willing to speak to future GSBLSU students in our video feature.



 2013 Mexican Student Video (Spanish)

Our Mexican students speak about their experiences at GSBLSU. Video is in Spanish.