Junior Bank Study Projects - Class of 2019

You should PRINT the following:

Policy Statement for Bank Study Projects     2 pages    General Instructions on how to complete your projects.

Junior Cover Sheet - Class of 2019                 1 page  - Print 5 copies on YELLOW (if available) if not, use white paper.                                                                                              One cover sheet should be attached to each completed project.

5 bank study projects for the courses you were enrolled in for the 2018 Session.  

Click on the title of each course to access the .pdf file.   Note: .xls files should be opened on a computer rather than an ipad or phone. 


1.       Banking and IT          5 pages                 Date Due:  September 17, 2018

          Course Coordinator:  Kevin Streff


2.        Bank Regulatory Law        2 pages       Date Due:  October 15, 2018

           Course Coordinator:  Carl Chaney                                      


3.       Treasury Management         5 pages          Date Due:  November 15, 2018

          Treasury Management financials.xls    

          Course Coordinator:  Mark Krawczyk                                  


4.       Managing Bank Performance          5 pages         Date Due:  January 15, 2019

           Exhibit A Purple Bank                     2 pages

          Course Coordinator:  Paul Allen        


5.       Electives – Complete the project that you were enrolled in for Week 1 of the 2018 Session.

          Mergers and Acquisitions        5 pages         Date Due:  February 15, 2019          

          Course Coordinator:  Chris Hargrove                                    


          Negotiate to Win for Bankers      3 pages         Date Due:  February 15, 2019        

          Course Coordinator:  Jim Thomas


          Sources of Non Interest Income       2 pages    Date Due:  February 15, 2019

          Course Coordinator:  Dan Harbison