Freshman Bank Study Projects - Class of 2019

You should PRINT the following:

  • 5 Cover sheets, One for each bank study project on GREEN paper (if available) if not, please use white paper. 
  • Policy Statement Governing the Preparation of Bank Study Projects
  • 5 bank study projects for the courses you were enrolled in for the 2017 Session.                                  

Freshman Cover Sheet - Class of 2019        1 page - Print 5 copies, One Cover Sheet for each bank study project.       

Policy Statement for Bank Study Projects    2 pages

 Click on the title of each course to access the pdf file. 

1.      Electives – Complete the project for which you are enrolled in for Week 1 of the 2017 Session.

         Basic Credit Analysis          5 pages 

         Date Due:  September 15, 2017

         Course Coordinator:  Gary Higgins

         Great Walls, Inc. worksheet    .xls file    (Revised 7/26/17)


OR     Intermediate Credit Analysis        6 pages   (Revised 6/13/17)

          Date Due:  September 15, 2017

          Course Coordinator:  Ken Cyree

          T & M Energy, Inc. worksheet    .xls file  (Revised 7/21/17)


2.     Credit Risk Management       7 pages 

          Date Due:  October 16, 2017

          Course Coordiator:  Gary Higgins

          CRM Templates              .xlsx file

         CRM Templates                .pdf file 


3.    Asset/Liability Management     3 pages  

          Date Due: November 15, 2017

          Course Coordinator:  Stephen Lacewell


4.     Strategic Bank Marketing           23 pages                                   

          Date Due:   January 16, 2018

          Course Coordinator:  Rex Bennett

         GAP Analysis Excel 2017 Problem Spreadsheet (Blank)   .xls file   updated 8/30/17

           GAP Performance rating Spreadsheet                                .xls file   added 8/30/17


5.     Monetary Economics           3 pages                     

          Date Due:  February 15, 2018

          Course Coordinator:  Brandon Cline