Junior Class Materials


2017 Session

Case studies are an important part of the second-year curriculum with one period each day during the first week devoted to cases.  Prior to your arrival at the Graduate School of Banking, you are expected to print (or download to your computer or iPad if you wish) and read each of the five cases.  By now you know that advance study is necessary for you to participate properly and to get maximum benefit from the case sessions. 

Bring these with you to the Session (either hardcopy or computer/iPad); additional copies will not be available.  You may want to copy 2-sided and three-hole punch all materials so that you can include them in your binder upon arrival.

Click on the title of each case to access the pdf file.


1.         Carr's Autoplex, Inc.                        14 pages
            Case Leader:  Clifton Fowler


2.         Diversion CF, Inc.                              11 pages            
            Case Leader:  Tony Reitzel                           


3.         Bayou Development, LLC                18 pages
            Case Leader:  Bill Stallings


4.         ToysRCash, Inc.                                    12 pages

            Case Leader:  Joseph Nemetz


5.         Anytown Financial Institution          28 pages
            Case Leader:  Jeanne Applegate