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GSBLSU Overview Video

At a recent session of GSBLSU, numerous students and faculty were asked to assist future students and employers of prospective students with provision of their insights into the program.  

For many of the faculty and students, their testimonials speak to blossoming professional and personal relationships with other bankers across the US and Mexico, to the power of laser-focused banking education, and to the implementation of learned methodologies once back at their home banks. But don't let us steal their thunder. Check out their advice in our 2 minute video below.

Faculty Video Testimonials

 It's no surprise that the faculty of GSBLSU are the most valuable asset of the school.  We managed to collect several of our prestigous faculty in our recent session.  In this brief video, they discuss their sentiments on the value of the curriculm and education garners from a student's three years at GSBLSU and the reasons banks should consider cultivating their junior bankers with attendance at GSBLSU.  There are countless benefits to the program, but this perspective on those perks is that of our professors. Enjoy!

 Mexican Student Testimonials (Spanish)

Since 2002, Mexican students have been attending GSBLSU and in the 2014 session, GSBLSU graduated 16 students from Mexico.  Many of the students have numerous questions on the school and how it might benefit them. We have created a short, 2 minute video, in Spanish, that might answer some of the questions or speak to the concerns of our Mexican contingent of students.

 Overview Video 

Hear directly from our faculty, graduates, and current students about what makes the Graduate School of Banking at LSU an exceptional program!

 Mexican Student Video (English)

For about a dozen years Banorte, a bank based in Monterrey, with branches throughout Mexico and operations internationally, has sent their young leadership to the school for quality focused banking education.  One of these leaders, Jorge de la Vega shares his experience about the Graduate School of Banking at LSU banking program.