Freshman Class Materials


2018 Session

Case studies are an important part of the first-year curriculum.  Prior to your arrival at the Graduate School of Banking, you are expected to print (or download to your computer/iPad if you wish) and read each case without attempting to reach a conclusion concerning the problems involved.  The afternoon before a case is discussed in class, you will meet with your instructor to discuss the case.  How well you are able to participate in the case discussion depends greatly upon your advance preparation.  You will be called on from time to time for your ideas and comments.

Bring these with you to the Session (either hard copy or computer/iPad); additional copies will not be available.  You may want to three-hole punch all materials so that you can include them in your binder upon arrival.

Click on the title of each case to access the pdf file.

Note:  If your elective is Intermediate Credit Analysis, you need to also download the Decor, Inc. case listed below.



1.        Bricks & Mortar National Bank               Case Leader:  Jody Elmore                   8 pages 

2.         Century National Bank                            Case Leader:  Graham Thompson       12 pages

3.         Recreational Products, Inc.                  Case Leader:  George Schloegel              12 pages

4.         Big One Bank                                               Case Leader:  Jeff Turner                      9 pages

5.         Bayou Bankshares, Inc.                           Case Leader:  Ronald Roberts              105 pages      
            Bayou Bankshares, Inc. contains 15 cases.  Be prepared to discuss only Case 1; other cases will be assigned during your prep session.


6.         First National Bank of Achievement          Case Leader:  Harvey Church          18 pages

7.         Williams Farm Implement Co.                  Case Leader:  Gary Higgins              17 pages

8.         The Standard National Bank                     Case Leader:  George Schloegel      25 pages

9.         A Tale of Two Pities                                    Case Leader:  Danny Payne             16 pages



Note:  If your elective is Intermediate Credit Analysis, you need to also download the Class Assignments and Questions and the Decor, Inc. case listed below.

Basic Credit Analysis                     No additional case work for this course.

Gary Higgins


Intermediate Credit Analysis          Class Assignments          2 pages        
Ken Cyree                                                   Decor, Inc.                       10 pages

You are requested to read this case and become thoroughly familiar with the facts prior to arriving on campus.  It would be helpful if you formulated in your mind a solution to the case.