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In a January 6, 2013 article from the Wall Street Journal, For Newly Minted M.B.A.s, a Smaller Paycheck Awaits, the ever-popular MBA is given a hard look in terms of return on investment and impacts in climbing the corporate ladder.  The MBA has many winning attributes and can advance an individual’s career trajectory.  But, as the WSJ explores, the MBA is no longer the only game in town and it’s also not viewed as the same accomplishment it was up until the early 1990s. 

MBAs have historically been a fail-safe way to get noticed by upper management and a great segue into executive levels of a corporation.  However, virtually all schools are offering MBA programs now in full time 2 year, part time, and executive curriculum.  Adding to the decreased illustriousness of the degree, online MBA programs can allow for questionable academic input for the once valuable document.  The flood of MBA students has been swollen by the recent recession sending students and laid off professionals back to school in droves, seeking advanced degrees.

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