GSBLSU 2014 Graduation Speech: Faith Black

2014 Senior class officers

2014 Senior Class Officers

On June 6, 2014, the graduating class of GSBLSU gathered together in LSU’s Union Cotilion Ballroom to round out their three years of education, companionship, and personal development with their graduating ceremony.

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Candidates for Graduate School of Banking at LSU

young aspiring bankers seeking graduate educationFor the busy young bank executive, it is often difficult to identify the route to a position of higher responsibility in the organization.  Bankers in this position have full-time jobs and full-time personal lives as well, which makes the option of traditional graduate school a virtual impossibility.  What alternatives are available for individuals looking to advance their careers in the bank?

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6 Possible Revenue Sources for Banking under New Regulations

banking revenue growth strategiesFor many in the banking industry, the new regulatory environment has created an enormous strain on banks to maintain profitability, sustain revenues, and ideally, grow. The recent recession has created an environment of higher unemployment and sluggish home sales, only recently appearing to be on the mend. It would seem that banking, as an industry, has been dealt one setback after another and has failed to thrive in many areas over the past several years.

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The Graduate School of Banking at LSU has historically attracted the best and brightest for sessions on the oak-lined campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, LA.  For the past 65 years, the curriculum provided to the students choosing to attend GSBLSU has provided a progressive and applicable course of classes, attentive to current and future impacts on banking, community, and the economy.


In the image above, the bankers are arriving at the Baton Rouge airport on the flight that was annually chartered, by Delta Airlines.  The group of bankers flying through Atlanta to GSBLSU would have all arrived on this “Bankers Flight.”  The flight continued to be allocated for the GSBLSU students through the mid-1970’s.  Luckily for all current students, suits are no longer the standard dress, as the average temperature in Louisiana is about 85° in May.


The Graduate School of Banking is accepting applications for the upcoming session, and the online application can be accessed by clicking here. We look forward to another fantastic year of classes, and welcome all inquiries by phone or by our online contact form here.

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Graduate School of Banking at LSU – Linkedin page

GSBLSU Linkedin

The Graduate School of Banking at LSU is pleased to announce the addition of our organization’s Linkedin page to the assets available to us for communication and dissemination of information with all interested parties.  We encourage all of our past, present, and potential students to connect with us on Linkedin.  The page may be accessed by clicking here.


We are currently taking applications for the upcoming session and would like all interested parties to please submit online applications to our Applications page under our Admissions tab or contact the office with questions.


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Welcome to the Graduate School of Banking 2013 Session

2013 GSBLSU session

The 64th session of the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University is officially underway!  It’s an exciting time as we get to see familiar faces, and welcome 180 new students to the program.  In total, there are 517 students participating in our program this year, and we welcome them all.

With one of the nation’s most thorough and challenging graduate banking programs available, all new sessions at GSBLSU bring great possibility for students.  In the past, more than 15,000 students have come through the program and have had associations with banks ranging from under $100 million to over $100 billion in assets.  The networking possibilities and knowledge gained lay the foundation for alumni to continue on to highly successful careers.

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5 Reasons to Attend Graduate School of Banking Now

5 Reasons to Attend Graduate School of Banking Now

If you are reading this, you are likely weighing some important decisions.  After all, attending a graduate school of banking is a big step in your career and education.  You may have your pen ready with your list of pros and cons nearby, as you look to this blog for some insight about why now is the time to attend.  Fortunately, you’ve turned to a good source.

GSBLSU has a long history of helping its students gain a broader knowledge and understanding of major banking functions such as credits, investments, asset and liability management, planning and control, regulatory issues, human resources and marketing.  Here, we understand that instruction should take into account the changing context of the banking environment and seek to teach students through full participation in order to better prepare them.  Over 15,000 executives have been where you are now and have gone on to complete our program with great success.

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A Little Known Way To Attend Graduate School of Banking For Free

GSBLSU Scholarship Information

The Graduate School of Banking at LSU provides a one-year tuition free scholarship to each of the 15 state banker associations that sponsor the school and sometimes not all of the scholarships are awarded.  Several state associations give the scholarships to high-standing graduates of their state school.

Interested students are encouraged to check with their banking association in their state to determine if their scholarship has been awarded for the upcoming session.

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