GSBLSU 2016 Class Overview: Bank Regulatory Law

Bank_Regulatory_Law.jpegFrom freshmen to seniors, our GSBLSU students congregated on the Baton Rouge, LSU campus for a two week whirlwind of study during the 2016 session.  As usual, they found comradery, dynamic professors, and comprehensive class offerings.  Among the classes attended by our junior class was Bank Regulatory Law, led respectively by professors Patrick Long, Carl Chaney, John Heasley, and Robert Reynolds.

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GSBLSU Favorite Class: Negotiate to Win for Bankers

About the Professor: Jim Thomas

jim_thomasJim Thomas is a Washington, D.C. attorney, speaker, trainer, and author.  Throughout his 35 years of practicing law, Jim has specialized in negotiation, garnering himself a reputation as one of the nation’s best.  His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, arms control, labor relations, domestic and international business transactions, trade and diplomacy, and more.  His impressive client list includes the majority of the Fortune 500.

The name of the course and the content is directly from Jim’s book and Workshop series by the same name: Negotiate to Win.  First published in 2005, the book is a HarperCollins international bestseller, available in 18 languages around the globe.  He can often be found as a guest commentator on a number of radio and network news programs and is often invited to speak at events worldwide.  He is a partner in a Washington, D.C. law firm, a principal in a California venture capital firm, and a member of the faculty at The Georgetown University Law Center, the University of Washington’s Pacific Coast Banking School, and GSBLSU.

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GSBLSU Favorite Class: Bank Regulatory Law


The turbulent world of finance and economics coupled with the expansion of regulation and governmental oversight has changed the landscape of banking.  The laws that create requirements, restrictions, and guidelines for which U.S. banks must abide are, at the very least, complex.  One course offering at Graduate School of Banking at LSU, Bank Regulatory Law, taught by Carl J. Chaney can assist bankers in navigating the challenges and encumbrances of banking regulatory law.

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New & Revised Courses at GSBLSU in 2015

newGSBLSUcoursesIn the commercial banking industry, changes have been coming more and more quickly. At GSBLSU, we have researched and conferred with others in the banking education arena to determine the best subject matter to present to students in the 2015 session of GSBLSU.  After careful consideration, GSB has decided to implement a few changes and additions to the courses offered for all classes of students.

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Banking EducationIn this rapidly changing financial environment, maintaining a relevant banking education program is indeed challenging.  It is important to educate young leaders how the present system functions, but that is not enough.  A relevant program must address environmental changes, both current and potential.

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GSBLSU Faculty – A Video Summary

For our students, the annual hike to GSBLSU for three consecutive years of education stems from the desire to glean as much information and real-world knowledge from our faculty.  All are experienced bankers, academicians, regulatory officials, attorneys, and others who have expert knowledge of their subject areas and who have the ability to teach other professionals.

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How to Develop Young Bankers for Future Leadership within your Bank

senior exec with junior execExecutives know better than anyone in the banking world of the difficulties of implementing the new regulatory mandates, discovering new growth sectors while maintaining current revenue streams, and managing the people in the bank. Without a finger on the pulse of all of these, a bank can lose in the end.  As an executive in this ever-changing banking environment, making the time to identify and develop future top-level bankers or find your latent up-and-comers may not be the most pressing task on your day-to-day list of things that keep your bank running.  But, it should be.

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Candidates for Graduate School of Banking at LSU

young aspiring bankers seeking graduate educationFor the busy young bank executive, it is often difficult to identify the route to a position of higher responsibility in the organization.  Bankers in this position have full-time jobs and full-time personal lives as well, which makes the option of traditional graduate school a virtual impossibility.  What alternatives are available for individuals looking to advance their careers in the bank?

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Graduate School of Banking at LSU for Mexican Bankers

For about a dozen years Banorte, a bank based in Monterrey, with branches throughout Mexico and operations internationally, has sent their young leadership to the school for quality focused banking education.

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