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2016 Banking Outlook Conference

GSBLSU at FRB Banking Outlook 2016 AtlantaThe Graduate School of Banking at LSU is again working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in the presentation of their annual Economic Outlook Conference.  The conference will be held in the bank’s home office in Atlanta on Thursday, February 25, 2016.  The link for registration for the Federal Reserve Bank Economic Outlook Conference is

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GSBLSU is for Mexican Bankers- Video

For our new and growing cohort of students from Mexico, we have found that our Hispanic prospects have the same questions as our American attendees with the addition of many logistics and practical questions.

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Graduate School of Banking at LSU for Mexican Bankers

For about a dozen years Banorte, a bank based in Monterrey, with branches throughout Mexico and operations internationally, has sent their young leadership to the school for quality focused banking education.

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Graduate School of Banking at LSU is for Female Bankers

In looking at the fields of medicine and law, compared to business related arenas, the numbers of women seeking out education and beginning their professional lives in previously male dominated callings have been increasing for decades.  With 48% of medical school graduates being female in 2011, as stated by, and from 2009-2010, 47% of law school students being female, reported on the ABA Journal’s website, the banking school average of 20% females shows a large disparity in the male – female ratio but also represents a HUGE opportunity for females.

Business schools have become the new “go-to” for females seeking out graduate degrees, and in light of this unbalanced ratio, business schools are starting to recruit females more aggressively as well.  According to, the number of women seeking out MBAs in 2010 was the highest it has ever been (1 in 3), and with record numbers of women seeking out graduate degrees in business fields like accounting and finance, the imbalance of genders will certainly continue to see a narrowing margin.

What Glass Ceiling?

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Curious About US-Mexican Economic Relations?

US Mexican Economies

Where are the United States and Mexican economies headed in the near future?  Curious about US-Mexican economic relations? This interesting and important topic was addressed by school faculty member Dr. Thomas Payne at the school’s fourth annual economic forum to be held in Monterrey, Mexico on December 5, 2012.

The forum was attended by bankers and business leaders in northern Mexico and south Texas.  Bankers presently enrolled in the school as well as graduates were all represented at the program.  Many in the banking and financial sectors have an increasing interest in the US- Mexican economic relations, as Mexico is the third largest trading partner with the US.

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