Treasury Management: Is Technology Changing Your Business?

Posted by Anne Monk on Jun 22, 2016 3:18:34 PM

AdobeStock_98194269.jpegMark Krawczyk has spent 38 years on the non-bank side of treasury management, through which he has been a true customer of the industry. Serving on the faculty of LSU’s Graduate School of Banking for nearly twenty years,

Mark strives to provide every class with the intelligence and strategy to thrive in the modern banking world.

For the 2016 session, Mark has focused on how technology and apps are changing modern banking. Some of the topics addressed include:

  • “credit push” vs. “debit pull”
  • payment risks: systemic, credit, and fraud
  • payment clearing protocol
  • credit card systems
  • wire transfers
  • types of Fedwires
  • cash concentration methods
  • disbursement products

Mark employs his knowledge and experience to help his students build a framework of banking knowledge to better serve their customers in lending and treasury.

As a one-class student with very little knowledge of the banking sector, I found Professor Krawczyk’s lecture engaging, relevant, and relatable. I found myself jotting reminders--such as “check Roth IRA” and “diversify?”—alongside sketches of his many diagrams of modern banking practices. Having come of age in the era of cyber-banking, I walked away from Mark Krawczyk’s lecture with a new curiosity and fascination for the continued modernization of the banking system.

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