New & Revised Courses at GSBLSU in 2015

Posted by Don Woodland on Mar 13, 2015 10:23:19 AM

newGSBLSUcoursesIn the commercial banking industry, changes have been coming more and more quickly. At GSBLSU, we have researched and conferred with others in the banking education arena to determine the best subject matter to present to students in the 2015 session of GSBLSU.  After careful consideration, GSB has decided to implement a few changes and additions to the courses offered for all classes of students.

At the end of each session, students complete course evaluations. Where better to gain an understanding of the information that is most useful to students as they return to their home banks?  This data is extensively combed through and reviewed in our development of course offerings and faculty.

Freshman Course Changes

  • Asset Liability Management: A complete revision of the materials presented; taught by Dr Stephen Lacewell
  • Credit Risk Management: Will now be taught by Mr Gary Higgins.

Junior Course Changes

  • Managing Bank Performance: An overhaul of the course by long-time instructor and BankSim coordinator, Dr Ernie Swift, better aligns students with the needs of the BankSim senior course.
  • Strategic Planning: A completely new course for the second week at GSB will be taught by Mr Ken W Johnson and Michael Woody.
  • Hot Topics in IT: Completely new course instructed by Ms Lisa Traina.

Senior Year Changes

  • Special Banking Issues: A final week course covering regulatory, managerial, and economic impacts on bank management; taught by Mr Ken W Proctor.

Mexican Student Course Changes:

  • A course, entirely taught in Spanish by Jesus Garza, will focus on the US banking environment from a Mexican banking standpoint.

Application Deadlines Are Nearing

GSBLSU is looking forward to another stellar year of educating the future leaders of banks across the US and Mexico.  If there are individuals in your institutions who are primed for upward movement in the bank and are promising candidates for the prestigious honor of attending and graduating from the Graduate School of Banking at LSU, urge them to apply online for a spot in the classes of 2015. 

The deadline for application is April 16, 2015.  The full Course Catalog can be viewed here. The online application can be accessed in the link below as well as the printable version of the GSBLSU application.

Apply to GSBLSU

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Posted by Don Woodland on Oct 3, 2014 2:20:00 PM

Banking EducationIn this rapidly changing financial environment, maintaining a relevant banking education program is indeed challenging.  It is important to educate young leaders how the present system functions, but that is not enough.  A relevant program must address environmental changes, both current and potential.

 Students often comment that some of the material covered in class is not applicable to their bank or to their current position in the organization.  This observation is certainly relevant, but to teach only what is current is a recipe for obsolesce.  Education must prepare leaders for the future, and to assure competent future leaders demands that they be exposed to new ideas and to potential new environments in which they will be part of in the future.

 Changes for the 2015 curricula of the school aims to challenge the bankers attending to think about and to be prepared to meet future challenges in the banking industry.  New courses and/or new faculty will be introduced in the following fields:

  •           Asset/Liability Management
  •           Credit Risk Management
  •           Strategic Planning
  •           Information Technology
  •           Real Estate Financing
  •           Special Banking Issues
  •           Regulatory Environment

 The list does not reflect all changes in material to be taught at the 2015 session since all faculty members incorporate in their presentations the latest current and potential changes which affect their areas.

9 Reasons To Attend GSBLSU

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