GSBLSU Case Work: Addressing the Managerial Challenges of Banks

Posted by Don Woodland on Feb 14, 2017 12:25:39 PM

Almost any experienced bank officer when asked the question “What keeps you awake at night?” will list people managerial_challenges.jpeg
problems near the top of the column.  This category of Managerial Challenges involves hiring, firing and motivating individuals to devote their best efforts to executing their responsibilities.

At the 2017 Session members of the first year class will participate in a case discussing these Managerial Challenges lead by Jeff Turner, SVP and Director of the People Department, First Florida Integrity Bank, Naples.  In addition to his extensive banking environment Jeff has worked for PepsiCo., Frito-Lay, All State Insurance and IBM.  He brings to the casework a wide range of experience dealing with people in different professional environments.

Case groups typically have twenty or fewer participants and the groups are structured so that banks of different sizes located in different states are represented. Small groups provide the students the opportunity to discuss personnel problems they may be experiencing at their banks and to get feedback from knowledgeable faculty and fellow students.

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GSBLSU Class of 2019

Posted by Don Woodland on Nov 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

   The School has begun accepting applications from bank officers who wish to attend the 2017 session of the GSBLSU studentsschool as members of the Class of 2019.  The Session is scheduled for May 21 – June 2, 2017 and applications are arriving daily.  At the present time, applications on hand are 131% above last year’s level at this time.  The increase is concentrated in two states, Alabama and Georgia, but several states have shown increases in enrollment.  Early enrollment is encouraged!

9 Important  Reasons To  Attend GSBLSU

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A School By and For Bankers

Posted by Don Woodland on Nov 9, 2016 11:17:30 AM

The board of trustees of the  met last month to review the school’s performance and to outline plans for the 2017 Session.Banker Graduate School

The courses taught in the school are approved by the board which is made up of senior bank executives who are graduates and CEO’s of sponsoring state banker associations who deal on a daily basis with banking issues on a state and national scale.

The expertise shared by these experienced individuals provides those who design the courses and curricula of the school valuable insight into issues that banking professionals must address daily.  Among the issues identified as deserving attention at the school were cyber security, cybercrime, technological innovations, non-bank competition, unrestrained bank regulation and personnel recruitment and retention.  These topics will receive the attention of the faculty and students at the 2017 Session.

Graduate School of Banking vs MBA

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