2015 WINNERS: GSBLSU Bank Management Simulation

Posted by Don Woodland on Dec 23, 2015 9:00:00 AM

students_in_class-1.jpgThe Bank Management Simulation course utilizes a computer-based learning exercise designed to give participants an overview of the bank management decision making process. Students develop strategies for the management of functional bank areas, with specific emphasis on planning and decision-making in areas such as loans, deposits, investments, funds management, asset/liability management, risk management, etc. The primary focus is on profitability and growth, but attention also is directed to marketing and pricing of bank services—both current and future.

The senior class is divided into teams, with each team effectively managing an $800 million dollar bank. The computer model allows students to make decisions, to receive quick feedback on the effectiveness of their decisions, and then to make new decisions which adjust bank operations to compensate for a large number of internal and external forces including competition, the economy, and regulatory constraints. Within a two-week period, simulation teams experience the equivalent of two years of bank operations.

The course is supervised by qualified instructors who have extensive real-world banking experience as CEOs, presidents, or examiners. The computer model, (BMSim) or Bank Management Simulation, was developed by the ABA and currently is maintained by a consortium of regional banking schools.  At the end of the course, judges evaluated the quality of the performance of all teams and selected winners.  The winners were selected on organization, consistency, earnings, ability to report results to shareholders, and to position the bank for the future.

The following students were the 2015 Bank Simulation winners. Each winner received a letter of recognition, as did their home bank's president and CEO, along with a certificate of recognition for the outstanding work on the Bank Management Simulation.  Please join us in congratulating the 2015 Bank Sim winners!

A1 2 Cooper, Andrew  Andrew Cumberland Valley National Bank Somerset KY
A1 2 Fundora, Aileen C. Aileen Community Bank of Florida Homestead FL
A1 2 Hinton, Mark  Mark Community Bank Tupelo MS
A1 2 Robbins, Matthew R. Matt Greater Rome Bank Rome GA
B2 2 Boyd, Matthew W. Matt Simmons First Bank of Searcy Searcy AR
B2 2 Duplechain, Lisa  Lisa Evangeline Bank & Trust Co. Ville Platte LA
B2 2 Hubbard, Brandon  Brandon Trustmark National Bank Magee MS
B2 2 Rousey, Robert  Taylor Casey County Bank Liberty KY
B2 2 West, Johnathan  Johnatha Macon Bank & Trust Company Lafayette TN
C5 2 DeLoach, Dale  Dale Southern Bancorp Bank Indianola MS
C5 2 Fowler, Richard A. Richard CertusBank Carrollton GA
C5 2 Jackson, Jesse J. Jesse Texas Capital Bank Dallas TX
C5 2 Vance, Amelia C. Amelia Wilson Bank & Trust Lebanon TN
D3 1 Cavin, Benjamin T. Ben Landmark Bank Zachary LA
D3 1 Harbaugh, Devin  Devin Pilot Bank Tampa FL
D3 1 Sanchez de Aparicio, Leslie Leslie Banorte Monterrey MX
D3 1 Weitlauf, Teresa A. Teresa South Central Bancshares of KY Inc. Glasgow KY
E2 1 Frazure, Jerry C. Chase BankFirst Financial Services Columbus MS
E2 1 Greene, Erica  Erica Quantum National Bank Suwanee GA
E2 1 Middleton, Chris  Chris Anstaff Bank Harrison AR
E2 1 Sullivan, Christopher  Chris Regions Bank New Orleans LA
F1 1 Ballard, Troy A. Tab The Bank of St. Francisville St. Francisville LA
F1 1 Hof, Justin  Justin CB&S Bank Russellville AL
F1 1 Mangialardi, Sam  Sam BancorpSouth Bank Flowood MS
F1 1 Mtanous, Carlos  Carlos Banorte Monterrey MX
F1 1 Wadsworth, Jennifer  Jennifer Wauchula State Bank Wauchula FL

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2015 GSBLSU Keynote- Jeff Lacker

Posted by Don Woodland on Sep 23, 2015 10:26:15 AM

On May 26, 2015, students and facility of the Graduate School of Banking at LSU gathered in the Union Theatre to hear Jeff Lacker, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, present an informative history on the “Quest for Financial Stability” in the U.S., and the changes that need to happen for a better financial system.

jeff_lacker_photo Dr. Jeff Lacker, who presently serves as a voting member of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee, recently stated in a press release that he feels that interest rates should rise before the end of 2015.  The press release on the July meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, published on September 17, 2015, indicates strengthening in the economy but a standstill in increase of the interest rate. Lacker was the sole vote to raise the target range in the July meeting.

 In his address to the 2015 GSBLSU students, Lacker discussed his personal views to restore market discipline by solving the problem of firms perceived as “too big to fail.” He explained the ironic origins of these firms with an analysis of the banking system in the 20th century. He argued that the moral hazard resulting from the establishment of the federal financial safety net attributed to an unstable financial system. His solutions to this problem are implementing long-term strategies to restore market discipline, such as resolution planning for large institutions known as living wills, and limiting the power of government agencies to intervene in turbulent economic times. 

 (The full speech can be viewed by clicking the link here.)

 In closing, Lacker emphasized that this strategy could bring the country a financial system independent of government support and financial institutions that can effectively support our “dynamic and innovative economy”. “This is going to be hard work, and some will claim it’s impossible,” he concluded. “But the alternative seems even less promising … that path is unlikely to serve our country well. So I believe we need to step up and face the challenge of creating a stable and resilient financial system.”

9 Important  Reasons To  Attend GSBLSU

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New & Revised Courses at GSBLSU in 2015

Posted by Don Woodland on Mar 13, 2015 10:23:19 AM

newGSBLSUcoursesIn the commercial banking industry, changes have been coming more and more quickly. At GSBLSU, we have researched and conferred with others in the banking education arena to determine the best subject matter to present to students in the 2015 session of GSBLSU.  After careful consideration, GSB has decided to implement a few changes and additions to the courses offered for all classes of students.

At the end of each session, students complete course evaluations. Where better to gain an understanding of the information that is most useful to students as they return to their home banks?  This data is extensively combed through and reviewed in our development of course offerings and faculty.

Freshman Course Changes

  • Asset Liability Management: A complete revision of the materials presented; taught by Dr Stephen Lacewell
  • Credit Risk Management: Will now be taught by Mr Gary Higgins.

Junior Course Changes

  • Managing Bank Performance: An overhaul of the course by long-time instructor and BankSim coordinator, Dr Ernie Swift, better aligns students with the needs of the BankSim senior course.
  • Strategic Planning: A completely new course for the second week at GSB will be taught by Mr Ken W Johnson and Michael Woody.
  • Hot Topics in IT: Completely new course instructed by Ms Lisa Traina.

Senior Year Changes

  • Special Banking Issues: A final week course covering regulatory, managerial, and economic impacts on bank management; taught by Mr Ken W Proctor.

Mexican Student Course Changes:

  • A course, entirely taught in Spanish by Jesus Garza, will focus on the US banking environment from a Mexican banking standpoint.

Application Deadlines Are Nearing

GSBLSU is looking forward to another stellar year of educating the future leaders of banks across the US and Mexico.  If there are individuals in your institutions who are primed for upward movement in the bank and are promising candidates for the prestigious honor of attending and graduating from the Graduate School of Banking at LSU, urge them to apply online for a spot in the classes of 2015. 

The deadline for application is April 16, 2015.  The full Course Catalog can be viewed here. The online application can be accessed in the link below as well as the printable version of the GSBLSU application.

Apply to GSBLSU

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GSBLSU BancGrad Newsletter January 2015

Posted by Don Woodland on Jan 21, 2015 10:29:37 AM

GSBLSU newsThe newest issue of the Graduate School of Banking at LSU's BancGrad Newsletter has just been published!
In this issue, GSB highlights:
  • Don Woodland's Address
  • New Officers & Trustees on the Board
  • New Faculty & Courses
  • The New Look of GSB Publications
  • 2015 Tuesday Speaker
  • Outstanding Faculty Member
  • Faculty Profile
  • 2015 FRB Atlanta Banking Outlook Conference
  • Blogs
  • Student Directory Listings

We look forward to another exciting year at GSB.  We hope that the BancGrad Newsletter gets passed along to others in your home banks, particularly those who may be candidates for upcoming sessions of GSBLSU.  The 66th session of GSBLSU will run from May 24 through June 5, 2015. We are currently accepting applications and those may be submitted online here.

If you'd like to access the BancGrad Newsletters from previous years, you may find them on our GSB Newsletter page here.


9 Reasons To Attend GSBLSU


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