Photos from GSBLSU 2014 Graduation

Posted by Don Woodland on Jul 31, 2014 1:05:00 PM

The GSBLSU graduating class of 2014 convened on June 6, 2014 to celebrate and commemorate the three years of dedicated education and camaraderie with their fellow classmates. We have gathered some photos from the event and included them here for all to enjoy!
GSB Class of 2014 (small) resized 600
GSB Graduation 2014 1
GSB Graduation 2014 2
GSB Graduation 2014 3
GSB_Graduation_2014-4GSB_Graduation_2014-5GSB Graduation 2014 7
GSB Graduation 2014 9
GSB_Graduation_2014-11GSB_Graduation_2014-12GSB Graduation 2014 13
GSB_Graduation_2014-14GSB_Graduation_2014-15GSB Graduation 2014 19
GSB_Graduation_2014-20GSB_Graduation_2014-23GSB Graduation 2014 25
GSB Graduation 2014 27
GSB Graduation 2014 28

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Don Woodland's address: 2014 GSBLSU Session

Posted by Don Woodland on Jul 1, 2014 2:40:00 PM

Dr Don Woodland- 2014 GSBLSU session


At the start of the 2014 session of the Graduate School of Banking at LSU, Dr Don Woodland addressed the faculty.

His speech was one that he felt deserved saying for so many years now, as he sees the schools integral purpose and ímpact on so many of the bankers and faculty that come through each year.

His thoughts and sentiments have been included below for all to enjoy:


I think it worthwhile to stop and ask ourselves why we are here, what we are doing here, and what do we hope to accomplish? It is certainly not for monetary reasons that you leave your bank and family and travel to Baton Rouge to teach in the school.  The school cannot afford to pay you what you are worth, and if we are paying you what you are worth, you are not worth very much.

We are providing education to young bankers to enable them to return to their banks, their homes, their communities and apply what they have learned here to contribute to the improvement of their communities, to enhance their bank's profitability, and through these accomplishments, to advance their professional careers.

We have furthered to our student's attainment of these goals for 65 years. I know from the calls and letters we receive, and because for over half a century, bank presidents have invested in their young officers by sending them to Baton Rouge for two weeks in the summer.  If we were not making a difference to the success of the student's banks, we would no longer have enrollment.

From where do these contributions come? They come 100% from you, the faculty.  You have the important responsibility to those bankers sitting in front of you, and to their banks, to provide the knowledge required to further their goals, and I have no doubt that you will fulfill this responsibility. And, you have a right to be proud of what you do.  Thanks for being here and for providing professional education for your students.

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