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Posted by Don Woodland on Jan 28, 2013 12:32:00 PM

GSBLSU faculty

The strength of any academic program is its faculty; individuals who bring knowledge, experience, and the ability to encourage independent thinking and analysis to the classroom.  The Graduate School of Banking at LSU is fortunate to have fifty-three individuals on its faculty that possess all of these qualities.  The 2013 session will have five new faculty and four faculty members will return to the classroom following an absence of a year or more.

A new course is offered this session dealing with capital issues in banking.  The course will be taught by Mr. Jeffery Fair, President of American Planning Corporation, Baton Rouge.  Jeff and his staff have a multi-state consulting practice which specializes in assisting community banks with regulatory issues they may have and preparing internal bank policies.

Mr. Paul Willson, President and CEO of Citizens Bank, Athens Tennessee will be teaching with Dr. James Wansley, who is returning to the faculty following a two year break, in the new course Bank Performance Analysis.  Dr. Wansley is Chairman of the Department of Finance at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and holds the Clayton Homes Chair of Excellence.  Mr. Willson will bring to the class the experience of a bank CEO in managing bank performance.

Gary Higgins, Senior Vice President of the Bank of America, Charlotte, NC will lead a case dealing with financing closely held business.  This is an area of finance that most banks deal with and find very challenging.  Gary has extensive experience in this area of banking and will certainly engage his students in a lively discussion of financing alternatives.

The senior cap stone case Bank Management Simulation, involves bank teams competing in a computer simulated environment for profits, market share, and other measures of bank performance. The decisions of the teams, and their results on performance, are evaluated daily by a group of state and national bank examiners.  New to the examination team this year is Tod Trulove, Assistant Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, Nashville.  Tod is a graduate of the school and is well familiar with the Bank Management Simulation course and the role of examiners in assuring that the simulated banks are managed in a safe and sound manner.

The first  year class  dealing with Credit Risk Management will be taught by Dr. Jerry Crigger.  Dr. Crigger is on the faculty of Tennessee State University, Nashville, and holds the Chair of Excellence in banking.  This is a required course for first year students and is certainly important in today’s environment.

The Chief Executive officer of Hancock Bank, Gulfport Mississippi, John Hairston, who has been on the faculty for several years as an outstanding case leader, will be offering a new course this session entitled Vision, Strategy, and Leadership. The course will be required for second year students and is offered in the second week of the session.

Returning as a case leader is Dr. Drew Winters, Chairman of Finance at Texas Tech University.  Dr. Drew will lead a business finance case.

Returning to the faculty this year Jim Sartain will teach the first year course in Basic Credit Analysis. Bankers in this class have limited credit experience and Jim does an excellent job bringing them up to speed.   He is CEO of First City Financial Corporation, Waco, Texas. 

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