Enhancing the Learning Experience at GSB

Posted by Don Woodland on Nov 9, 2015 10:46:41 AM

GSBLSU 2016 course revisionsEnhancing the learning experience at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU does not always involve the introduction or elimination of courses from the curriculum but sometimes it is necessary to modify material covered in courses because industry and/or regulatory changes result in two or more courses addressing the same or similar issues although from different perspectives.

          It became apparent at the last session that the courses in Strategic Planning and Information Technology have many topics in common because regulations now require a bank’s strategic plan to include its technology plan.

          At the 2015 session, the leaders of the Strategic Planning and Information Technology courses visited each other’s classes and identified the areas overlapping, and this duplication will be eliminated at the next session in May 2016.  Both courses were very well received by the students last year, and we expect an even more positive response next year.

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