REVEALED: The Most Important Reason To Send An Executive To GSBLSU

Posted by Don Woodland on Apr 4, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Graduate School of Banking at LSU

In life, there are so many compelling reasons for individuals to invest in their future. Building a brighter future should be the only inspiration one needs to invest in themselves. However, we find there are so many different reasons for executives to invest in themselves and their future.

On our website, we have written blogs covering the importance of investing in your professional future. Through our series of blogs, we have also discussed how the leaders of tomorrow will embrace new technology and change within the banking sector. And, in some of our earliest blogs, we did feature a few of the main reasons why a banking executive should attend the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. All the aforementioned blogs and resources are great references that we have developed for your review.

However, after reviewing all of this material, we feel that one of the most compelling reasons for investing in your future in banking is not stated by anyone inside of GSBLSU. We find the most important reasons for attending GSBLSU have been stated in a recent article by Tony Graydon. In an article published in the Banking Traditions Magazine, a publication produced by the Alabama Bankers Association, Tony details how the Graduate School of Banking at LSU builds better bankers. In the article, Tony provides a pure and unbiased perspective on his student experience at GSBLSU. Specifically, Tony highlights how the timing of his attendance really helped him grow as a banking executive. In 2008, in the midst of the financial market collapse, the management at Tony's bank had the foresight to send Tony to GSBLSU. 

Tony describes the 2008 time period as the "perfect storm" of sorts. When times started to become really challenging in the banking industry, the experience and education at GSBLSU became Tony's saving grace. Tony attended the graduate school of banking to gain the real day insight provided by the experienced staff at GSBLSU. Tony could take the information learned at the school and apply it to the daily challenges taking place inside the four walls of the bank. As Tony stated in the article, "It takes the average bankers out of their comfort zone and forces them to learn aspects of banking that feel completely foreign. For example, the school gave me a better understanding of why we price loans and deposits as we do, as well as how to communicate this to less seasoned employees and to our customers. Having a good grasp of every aspect of banking has made me more well-rounded and capable."

While this is the viewpoint of only one person, it certainly equips any banking executive or potential banking student with the comfort level of knowing how impactful the experience at GSBLSU can truly be. To read more on this artcle, please click here to download it.

With the registration deadline around the corner, we hope you or one of your fellow banking executives will consider investing in your future by applying for the upcoming semester at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. For more information on the school, simply click here. Or, if you are interested in applying, please click here to be taken to the application page.

Thank you for your interest in GSBLSU.

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