Faculty Tribute to Dr. Don Woodland

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The Graduate School of Banking at LSU has been in existence since 1950 and is the largest venue for banker education.  Dr. Don Woodland has been at the helm of this prestigious program for over half a century.  Similar to the majestic clock tower and the live oak trees on the LSU campus, Dr. Woodland has become an institution and a legend that will stand the test of time.

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2018 Winners: GSBLSU Bank Management Simulation

bank management simulation courseEvery year, the seniors of GSBLSU take part in the Bank Management Simulation course, a computer-based program that is specifically designed to provide students with a look into management and the decision-making process in specific banking areas, such as investments, funds management, risk management, loans, and asset/liability management.

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GSBLSU Donates 38 Computers to Local Non-Profits

The Graduate School of Banking has donated thirty-eight computers to two non-profits in Baton Rouge. The school asked for proposals from non-profit organizations and evaluated their needs and use.

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6 Steps to Take When Transaction Risk is Too High [INFOGRAPHIC]

Any banker, regardless of their position within the institution, can tell you that the industry is fraught with challenges and potential risks.  At GSBLSU, a core area of focus is preparing every student to understand these risks and how they impact not only their own position, but their bank as a whole.  Furthermore, students should understand the most appropriate steps to take when encountered with such situations.  This is precisely the goal of our “Credit Risk Management” class, instructed by Professor Gary Higgins.  Professor Higgins covers many topics throughout the course, including emerging trends, core functions of a risk rating system, and precise steps that can be taken when transaction risk is just too high.


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6 Factors to Motivate Employees (Besides Money) [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you think money is the best way to motivate your employees, you may be wrong!  According to GSBLSU professor, Steve Robichaux, money only comes into play as a motivator when there isn’t enough of it.  When you do have “enough” money, more may be nice, but it won’t necessarily serve as motivation.  Here are six other rewards to consider that are proven to truly motivate, not just satisfy:


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5 Reasons Bankers Should Attend GSBLSU [INFOGRAPHIC] 

If you are looking for a way to advance your career within your current financial institution, there are several reasons that attending the Graduate School of Banking at LSU should be at the top of your list.  From a proven track for professional development to invaluable networking opportunities, there are plenty of benefits associated with the program.  Below are just five of the top advantages awaiting future students, but there are still many more (crawfish boil, anyone?)!  Take a look, and when you’re done, click the button below to complete your application for the upcoming 2020 session and join us from May 25th to June 5th.

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Current Banking Issues: Recognizing the Red Flags of Elder Financial Exploitation

Portrait of a very happy senior woman - indoors.jpegElder financial exploitation is the illegal or improper use of an elderly person’s funds for someone else’s profit.  This type of financial fraud, while morally reprehensible, is unfortunately becoming a bigger problem for banks and their older clientele.  There are currently over 5 million cases of elder financial exploitation each year.  75% of these crimes are committed by family members.  The second most notorious group is caregivers; making seniors and the disabled prime targets for financial abuse.

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Current Banking Issues: Synthetic Identity Fraud & How it Happens

synthetic identity fraud.jpegMany things have changed rapidly with the growth of technology.  Many of these changes have been positive, making life more convenient and connecting people more than ever before.  Unfortunately, these same developments have also increased the number and types of threats that can put our personal and sensitive information in jeopardy.  The financial world is no stranger to these threats, but due to technology’s fast nature, new threats evolve just as current ones are mitigated.  The latest is synthetic identity fraud.

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Interpreting Economic Change: A GSBLSU Favorite Class

Interpreting Economic Change.jpeg

There are those who are good in their careers, and there are those who are great. At the Graduate
School of Banking at LSU, we strive to impart greatness to each and every student over their three-year
course of study. We give them the tools they need, the ability to practice application of these tools, and
a foundation of knowledge to help them grow into the very best within their field. This is precisely why
we bring together the brightest and most accomplished industry experts to lead courses such as
Interpreting Economic Change.

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GSBLSU Case Work: Addressing the Managerial Challenges of Banks

managerial_challenges.jpegAlmost any experienced bank officer when asked the question “What keeps you awake at night?” will list people problems near the top of the column.  This category of Managerial Challenges involves hiring, firing and motivating individuals to devote their best efforts to executing their responsibilities. 

At the 2017 Session members of the first year class will participate in a case discussing these Managerial Challenges lead by Jeff Turner, SVP and Director of the People Department, First Florida Integrity Bank, Naples.  In addition to his extensive banking environment Jeff has worked for PepsiCo., Frito-Lay, All State Insurance and IBM.  He brings to the casework a wide range of experience dealing with people in different professional environments.

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