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Bank Leadership in Times of Change: ADKAR [INFOGRAPHIC]

Change is inevitable. We all know it, and yet, so many seem reluctant to embrace it. Banks are certainly no exception. As time (and technology) marches on, many financial institutions seem to be stuck in the past, with initiatives of change often being met with resistance. Understanding the importance of keeping up with our fast-paced world, it is up to leadership to not only implement necessary changes but to take the steps needed to get their team on board. After all, initiatives are only as successful as the people behind them.

In his senior GSBLSU course, “Leadership in Times of Change,” Professor Stephen Robichaux engages students in an interactive learning process aimed at leading through times of crisis both present and future. As he explains in his breakdown of the ADKAR process, leaders need to do much more than simply inform employees that a change is going to occur. They must focus on communication, education, and reinforcement. The team must understand why this change is necessary, the consequences of not changing, and the benefits associated with the change. Then, leaders must ensure that they have the resources and knowledge needed for a smooth transition. Finally, reinforcement should be provided by monitoring the change process and ensuring that it is fully adopted.

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