The Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University regretfully announces the suspension of its 2020 session (originally scheduled for May 25-June 5) until May 24-June 4, 2021. The school’s Executive Committee of the board of trustees met on March 17 and made this decision due to the closing of the LSU campus because of the coronavirus crisis.

The committee considered moving the date or even the location of the school’s session. There were no alternatives due to the many uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus crisis. Also considered was conducting the session online. Because of the nature of our instruction with case studies and the bank simulation model, this is just not feasible. Additionally, our students and graduates have historically expressed that the peer-to-peer relationships are as important as the classroom instruction.

While it is unfortunate that the 71st session of the school had to be suspended, plans are already being made for the 2021 session to be the best in school history. Please rest assured that we plan to be around for at least another 70 years.

The Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University is an education program for active bankers. With over 16,000 graduates, it has served the banking industry since 1950. The students attend three annual, on-campus sessions and complete ten bank study projects during their course of study. This intensive education program is recognized as the leader in banking education.

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