The need to hire new employees is a common scenario.  Perhaps someone has left the organization, or maybe you are expanding.  Whatever the reason, you find yourself sorting through countless applications, resumes and interviews in an effort to find your newest team member.  While finding candidates who are interested in an open position is fairly easy, finding the “right” candidate for the job is much harder.  For every position there are certain qualifications needed by the candidate to meet not only the job role, but to meet the organization’s needs as well.  While the candidate may hold the education and skillset needed for the open position, they may not fit within the company culture or vice versa.

During the interview process there are six key qualifications to look for in a candidate, and each of those six qualifications should, in turn, provide six key benefits to the organization.  A candidate’s education and experience, for instance, should fulfill the function and knowledge that their new employer needs in the role.  Use the infographic below to compare the applicable qualifications of the candidate to the needs they meet for the organization.  Once you have found someone who can check all of these boxes, you can hire with confidence!