Freshman Bank Study Projects

You should PRINT the following:

Policy Statement for Bank Study Projects
2 pages
General instructions on how to complete your projects

Freshman Cover Sheet – Class of 2020 
1 page
Print 5 copies on GREEN (if available) if not, use white paper.
One Cover Sheet should be attached to each completed bank study project.
5 bank study projects for the courses you were enrolled in for the 2018 Session.

Click on the title of each course to access the pdf file.
NOTE: .xls files should be opened on a computer rather than ipad or phone.

1. Electives
Complete the project for which you are enrolled in for Week 1 of the 2018 Session.

2. Credit Risk Management
8 pages
Date Due:  October 15, 2018
CRM  2018 Templates .xlsx file
Course Coordinator:  Gary Higgins

3. Asset/Liability Management 
4 pages
Date Due: November 15, 2018
Course Coordinator:  Stephen Lacewell

4. Strategic Bank Marketing  (Revised 1/14/19)
24 pages
Date Due:   January 15, 2019
GAP Analysis Excel Problem Spreadsheet (Blank) 
.xls file (Revised 12/26/18)
GAP Performance rating Spreadsheet
 .xls file
Course Coordinator:  Rex Bennett

Below are the four links for Dr. Bennett’s presentation during the Session. Each video should be downloaded in order to view the entire video (120 minutes each). Use the dropbox until August 30th or Click on each Session to download the file.

5. Monetary Economics
3 pages
Date Due:  February 15, 2019
Course Coordinator:  Brandon Cline