GSBLSU Donates 38 Computers to Local Non-Profits

he Graduate School of Banking has donated thirty-eight computers to two non-profits in Baton Rouge. The school asked for proposals from non-profit organizations and evaluated their needs and use.

The Futures Fund is about developing the future creative and technological workforce. Students from age 12-18 participate in this program which includes web design, photography and work study.

The Bridges Learning Solutions, and its affiliate company, Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy is an ABA therapy provider that services children and teens who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their clients will use the laptops for computer activities and as additional support in communication skills.

These computers were used in the Bank Simulation program. Because BMSim now uses cloud- based technology, these computers were no longer needed. GSB is very happy to have the opportunity to help those less fortunate in our hometown.

Casey Philips, Taylor Hunter, John Jordan, Corinne Long
Casey Phillips, Taylor Hunter, John Jordan, Corinne Long

Bridges Learning Solutions Staff with Computers
Bridges Learning Solutions Staff Top: Sarah Saik, Holly Boudreaux
Bottom: Kalyn Graphia, Ambriel Spain