GSBLSU Faculty – A Video Summary

For our students, the annual hike to GSBLSU for three consecutive years of education stems from the desire to glean as much information and real-world knowledge from our faculty.  All are experienced bankers, academicians, regulatory officials, attorneys, and others who have expert knowledge of their subject areas and who have the ability to teach other professionals.

Amassing such a stellar collective group of experts in the field of banking makes the Graduate School of Banking an indisputable source of progressive and applicable expertise for students to absorb during their education at GSB.

The students attest to the significant impact of the faculty and their guidance. Dr. Don Woodland addressed this fact in a speech to the faculty at the beginning of a recent session, recalling the countless phone calls, emails, and letters received from former students and their executive supervisors recounting the numerous lessons and industry insights learned from GSBLSU faculty professors and applied at their home banks.

Dr Woodland recalled, “From where do these contributions come? They come 100% from you, the faculty.  You have the important responsibility to those bankers sitting in front of you, and to their banks, to provide the knowledge required to further their goals, and I have no doubt that you will fulfill this responsibility.” And each and every year, the faculty continue to impress upon the students as they leave, that the education earned from the distinguished faculty at GSBLSU can really be found no where else.

Please enjoy our GSBLSU faculty video testimonials.