5 Reasons to Attend Graduate School of Banking Now

5 Reasons to Attend Graduate School of Banking Now

If you are reading this, you are likely weighing some important decisions.  After all, attending a graduate school of banking is a big step in your career and education.  You may have your pen ready with your list of pros and cons nearby, as you look to this blog for some insight about why now is the time to attend.  Fortunately, you’ve turned to a good source.

GSBLSU has a long history of helping its students gain a broader knowledge and understanding of major banking functions such as credits, investments, asset and liability management, planning and control, regulatory issues, human resources and marketing.  Here, we understand that instruction should take into account the changing context of the banking environment and seek to teach students through full participation in order to better prepare them.  Over 15,000 executives have been where you are now and have gone on to complete our program with great success.

We hope to include you in our upcoming session and help you make the right decision for your future.  For this reason, we have developed a list of 5 reasons NOW is the time to attend Graduate School of Banking at LSU:

1. Because your career doesn’t come with a guarantee.

In many banking institutions, this program has become a prerequisite to advancement and success.  To be successful, bank officers need the wisdom and expertise that comes from perception and insight, an astute ability to discover, discern and decide. This is precisely the type of knowledge that GSBLSU has been offering for over 60 years.

2. You can attend without a prior degree.

Students must have completed a college or American Institute of Banking credit for a course in Basic Accounting and for a course in either Economics or Money and Banking.  However, a degree is not required.  Additional requirements include a minimum of three years experience as an officer in the financial services industry or a minimum of five years experience in bank supervision with a supervisory agency.

3. It’s never too soon to start networking.

The value of developing relationships and gaining knowledge from others within the banking industry is immeasurable. In past sessions, two thirds of the student body at GSBLSU held a rank of vice president or higher, and the banks represented ranged in assets from under $100 million to over $200 billion.

4. You’ll receive the most current and effective teaching methods available.

We are proud to have a faculty at GSBLSU that has extensive, expert knowledge of their subject areas.  We strive to insure the most current and effective teaching methods with professors who are experienced bankers, academicians, regulatory officials and attorneys.  To further guarantee that our students receive the best professional education possible, all faculty and courses are critically evaluated on a regular basis.

5. Receive M.B.A. Credit.

Those completing the program at GSBLSU may enroll in professional MBA programs at several universities and receive graduate credit for their work at the banking school.  These programs have no residence requirements and may be completed online.  Universities currently participating include:

  • Millsaps College
  • Mississippi College
  • Mississippi State University
  • The University of Mississippi
  • The University of South Carolina
  • The University of Tennessee-Martin
  • The University of West Georgia

We understand the value and importance of this decision, and we hope that we’ve helped develop your list of pros.  Application deadlines are quickly approaching, and there truly is no time like the present to invest in your future.  Simply click the button below to submit your application for the upcoming GSBLSU session, and begin the next phase in a prosperous career.  This is one decision that we promise you won’t regret.